Cincinnati and Beyond

Precious Plastic is a global movement by One Army to tackle the plastic waste problem. Precious Plastic Cincy started to bring the same movement to Cincinnati. Starting in 2020, just before the effects of the pandemic started were felt in the area, the workspace was poised to be Cincinnati's first Precious Plastic workspace. We did the backend work: procured the machines, built the website, began making connections, and started the search for plastic to repurpose.

We knew there would be problems in finding enough plastic for production. What we soon discovered after making some valuable business connections was that there’s so much more plastic out there in various industries in the Cincinnati community. With this new realization and understanding of the broader market, we started forming different relationships with businesses in the city.

Currently our focus is creating more single stream plastic

sources from local businesses. These businesses don't have

many options for disposing of their plastic waste.

We still have interest in working with consumer plastics in the future. Figuring out how

that will work with the current pandemic and certain sanitization practices has made it challenging. For now, we’re really excited about some of the opportunities that have presented themselves. We have partnered with local businesses, creatives, and students. Solving the plastic problem is best accomplished by creating a strong community from various backgrounds. Together we will make a difference in the Cincinnati community.

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