Graham Wilz is charting a new path

Graham Wilz is an Industrial Design student with a vision. He reached out to Precious Plastic Cincy about four months ago to learn about our journey. Our conversation sparked a lot of ideas and an opportunity to for fill a need that he had this semester which was to create an inspiring work experience that would allow him to explore his interest and meet a university requirement.

From the start of Graham's involvement within Precious Plastic Cincinnati, he has made a tremendous impact. Precious Plastic globally inspires people to tackle the plastic waste problem. Graham wants to make sure that we do this in style.

In addition to incorporating design thinking into our product development process, he has developed a color strategy for Precious Plastic Cincy's first launch. His creativity and eye for mixing are invaluable with so many different supplies of plastic being sourced. Graham has worked at a few toy companies and along the way developed an eye for color.

He has huge interest in furniture and home kitchen design That you’ll see actualize in his debut collection featuring a design style called “gestalt”.

What does his future look like? “I look to further my research and hands on approach of design thinking and implement these practices in a micro manufacturing setting”.

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