Maddi Villines is curating memorable product experiences

Maddi Villines is a student at University of Cincinnati DAAP studying Communication Design. She is passionate about creating unique product experiences for consumers.

At Precious Plastic Cincy, she works on communicating our messaging in ways that amplify our principles. We are passionate about reusing every piece of material that we source. Sometimes our plastic comes in packaging that isn't usable at first glance. Maddi has a keen eye for using this material to create communication that educates and inspires.

Currently, she designs all the inserts for our products and social media posts.

What's next for Maddi? "I'm excited about packaging, especially enhancing the relationship between consumer and product from a design perspective. Sustainability is also super important, and I'm thrilled to be working with Precious Plastic Cincy to create mindful and beautiful products."

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